Privacy Policy

Users should think of Community PlanIt as a public forum, just like a neighborhood meeting or town hall. Any information that users provide or communicate through Community PlanIt may be publicly accessable. Only provide content and transmit information that you feel comfortable sharing with others.

Users have the option of making certain personal information available to other Community PlanIt users, such as age, gender, personal interests, institutional affiliations, and a picture. At a minimum, to participate in Community PlanIt, users must provide their email address, name, and connection to the community.

To help understand the impact of these services on people's neighborhood planning processes, Community PlanIt keeps track of the pages users visit within the Community PlanIt website and how frequently users use system services. Community PlanIt maintains an archive of content transmitted through the system. Any communication or information you share over these services will not be considered confidential. Community PlanIt is part of an ongoing research project by Emerson College at the Engagement Game Lab, and information posted, transmitted and otherwise collected by Community PlanIt may be used in research reports, journals, books, and other publications without additional permission or compensation. Personal information, such as your name and contact information, will not be used in any research publications. Community PlanIt does not sell personal information to any third parties. Community PlanIt may release information collected by the system to other educators, research partners, or local planning organizations for the purposes of academic research or community development if they agree to abide by this privacy policy.

Community PlanIt reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time.